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Web Hosting is the Service


Image Hosting

Web hosting is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or digital content, accessible via the web. It is an analogy of "lodging or hotel accommodations or rooms" where one occupies a specific place, in this case the analogy web hosting or web hosting, refers to the place of a web page, website, system, email , etc. files. more specifically the Internet or on a server that hosts usually several applications or web pages. It can be defined as "a place for your website or emails," though this definition conceptually simplifies the fact that web hosting is actually space on the Internet for virtually any type of information, whether files, systems, emails , videos etc...

Web Server

A web server or HTTP server is a computer program that processes a server side application performing bidirectional connections and / or unidirectional and synchronous or asynchronous with the client running or giving an answer in any language or client-side application. The code received by the client typically be compiled and executed by a web browser. To transmit this data typically used some protocol. Usually HTTP protocol is used for these communications, which belongs to the application layer of the OSI model. The term is also used to refer to the computer running the program.

Programming Languages

Web design is an activity that involves planning, designing and implementing web sites. It is simply an application of conventional design, requiring consider navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture and interaction of media such as audio, text, images, links and video. Binding of a good design with a well-crafted hierarchy of content, increases the efficiency of the web as a channel for communication and exchange of data, providing opportunities as direct contact between producers and consumers of content. The web design is basically to make a document with hyperlinked information with other content and assign a presentation for different output devices (on a computer screen in a mobile phone, etc). These documents or web pages can be created in text files, in different programming languages. HTML CSS, PHP, Asp, Aspx, JavaScript, JSP, Python, Ruby .


The web server running on a computer maintained pending requests from a client ( a Web browser) and responds to these requests appropriately through a web page to be displayed in the browser, or showing the respective message if detected an error . For example , typing in your browser www.wikipedia.org , it performs an HTTP request to the server at that address . The server responds to the client sending the HTML of the page, the client , after receiving the code , interprets and displays it on the screen. As we see in this example , the customer is responsible for interpreting the HTML , ie show the fonts, colors and layout of text and objects on the page , the server just limited to transfer the code the page without performing any interpretation of it. In addition to the transfer of HTML , the Web servers can deliver web applications . These are pieces of code that are executed when certain HTTP requests or responses . We must distinguish between: Applications on the client side: the web client is responsible for executing on the user's machine . Java applications are type " applets " or Javascript : The server provides the code to the client application which, through the browser, the running . It is necessary, therefore, that the customer has a browser with ability to run applications (also called scripts) . Typically , browsers allow you to run applications written in javascript and java language , but more languages ​​can be added by using plugins. Applications on the server side: the web server running the application , this , once executed , it generates HTML , the server takes the newly created code and sends it to the client via the HTTP protocol. Server applications often tend to be the best choice for web applications . The reason is that , when running it on the server and not on the client machine , it needs no added capacity , as happens in the case of wanting to run javascript or java applications . So any customer provided with a basic web browser can use this type of applications. The fact that HTTP and HTML are closely related should not lead to confuse the two terms . HTML is a markup language and HTTP is a "protocol"

Web Design

Web design web development industry and the different design models, with the mandate of web designers create the logic structure of web pages, think through the most convenient solutions of information presentation. A web designer should be familiar with the latest web technologies and have the appropriate artistic qualities. Most professionals working in the field of design, usually focuses on creative education as a study. Web Design Graphic Design. With a view to the development and design of the information covered in the Internet environment, designed to provide high consumer characteristics and aesthetic qualities. This interpretation separates web design from web programming. It highlights the specific topic of web design as a kind of graphic design At present, web design services they offer a special and particular companies (web designers or webmasters who are independent).

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